Capsule Computers 2013 Anime of the Year Awards

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Welcome to the inaugural Capsule Computers Anime of the Year Awards. This is our first time ever doing an Anime of the Year Awards and we want to kick things off big. In what will become an annual awards article, we will be giving out several awards highlight some of the biggest facets of anime each year. This year in particular has been a particularly big one for anime, with countless quality anime bursting onto the scene. With so much great anime this year it is only right to celebrate the best of the best. So without further adieu, here are our winners for the year of 2013.

Welcome to Capsule Computer’s 1st Annual Anime of the Year Awards!

Click on the pages below to and find out who wins, along with our editors’ choice awards and special bonus feature AOTY Podcast!

Best OVA
Best Sequel
Best Anime Movie
Best Animation
Best Studio
Best Theme Song
Best Score
Best of Winter 2013
Best of Spring 2013
Best of Summer 2013
Best of Fall 2013
Best Anime Release of 2013 AU
Best Anime Release of 2013 US

Editor’s Choice
Bonus Features – AOTY Podcast


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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist

  • ganmochan

    Really? Why would you pick a bare bones complete series as anime of the year? Why not a release with actual extra content like The Garden of Sinners?

    Totoro 25th Anniversary Edition, which is the envy of the world.

    • Andrew Moran

      Kara no Kyokai came out in 08/09 …. So I don’t get what you mean with your comment above –

      Edit: Oh Garden of Words – It was good. Don’t really know what to say about it – Kids on the slope I believe is better overall, The Garden of Words was a cute short story but I prefer Little Witch Academia, on that front

      Agree that KyoAni have had a bad year in terms of putting out good things, but they are still racking in the money from Free!

      Haven’t watched Uchouten Kazoku, but I will check it out on you guys recommendation.

      Try and improve the audio quality in the future, shame there is a lot of echoey low bandwidthness

      No Release of the year for the UK – *sad face*

      • ganmochan

        No. It came out this year in Australia, which is what this award is about.

      • ganmochan

        Garden of Sinners was released in October 2013 from Madman. I was talking specifically about the AU release of the year.

  • RoZa

    worst list ever!

  • thecrows2332

    Was expecting AOT to clean up but they got 2 which is OK. Blood Lad got 2 as well,havent even heard of this anime. Thought Evangelion 3.0 would of won Best Movie. NGE still winning awards years later.

    • you should try out the Anime of the year this is a must see! ~MA

  • Jimbo

    Really interesting picks.

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