Posted by Oli Delgaram-Nejad on Jun 18, 2013

Honesty Box E01: Company of Heroes 2


So over the past few weeks I’ve been quietly working on a project that now goes by the name of ‘Honesty Box‘ – a weekly video review series wherein I take any title that has caused severe frustration and batter it to the best of my abilities within a two minute time limit. Expect the odd expletive and bizarre analogy here and there…


Episode One takes a look at the much anticipated PC Strategy Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta, and some of its more obviously buggy elements that didn’t get a mention in my written preview, which focused more on the positive aspects of the game.

Do you have a game in mind that you think deserves to undergo the Honesty Box treatment? Let us know in the comments somewhere or drop me a tweet directly.

Check out Episode One below.

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