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Today it seems that the online retailer Rightstuf has decided to sneak out some of NIS America’s big news on their own. The reason for that is the fact that they have posted a listing for Hanasaku Iroha, now under the name Hanasaku Iroha ~ Blossoms for Tomorrow, to be released by NIS America on Blu-ray and DVD on April 9th.

The listing goes so far to provide information and images for the anime’s premium edition, which can be seen below. The anime will cost $69.99, though is currently available at a discount pre-order price. It is worth noting that this release only contains the first 13 episodes of Hanasaku Iroha, so expect a second set to be revealed sometime later this year.

The story for Hanasaku Iroha ~ Blossoms for Tomorrow follows Ohana Matsumae, a sixteen year old girl who has to move out to the countryside to assist her grandmother with her hot spring inn. The series originally aired back in 2011 and was streamed online via Crunchyroll.


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