3 threat letters discovered at Comiket 83

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Shockingly despite banning all Kuroko’s Basketball doujinshi circles from the event, 3 death threat letters were discovered at the empty lot that was originally meant for Kuroko’s Basketball (the area can be seen in the image above) at Comiket 83.

In response to the discovery of the 3 letters Comiket decided to raise security for the final day, undergoing bag checks for all entrants. It is believed that the 3 threat letters may come from a copycat and not the same person that has sent the many other letters as the MO is completely different here and the message reportedly did not match previous letter’s sentiments.

These 3 threat letters make for up to 50 letters in total sent to locations connected with Kuroko’s Basketball mangaka Tadatoshi Fujimaki. What do you think of Comiket receiving threat letters despite banning Kuroko’s Basketball circles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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