Black Ops 2 on PS3 is a problem-riddled disaster

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Unfortunate news for Playstation 3 owners who have bought Call of Duty: Black Ops for the console – the game is a buggy mess that is for the most part broken. At least that’s what reports coming in are claiming, with gamer’s taking to the Playstation forums lambasting the game as a problem-riddled disaster.

PS3 gamers have sadly not been able to access the online multi-player whatsoever due to connectivity issues that Activision have been unable to explain. Activision did however take to twitter to apologize to gamers afflicted with the connectivity error saying “We are aware of connectivity issues that some players are facing in Black Ops II on PlayStation 3. We are working on resolution, thank you.” As you can see though they did not provide any insight as to why this issue was occurring at all in the first place.

Gamers have also noted a a number of other bugs and glitches within the game, many of them graphics related some far more severe such as console crashing. Perhaps the most troubling issue is the fact that the main pre-order incentive for the Hardened and Care Package Editions of the game, the Nuketown 2025 map code is effectively a piece of pretty paper with some funky letters and numbers on it, as a large number of codes can not be redeemed on the Playstation 3 for reasons unknown at time of posting.

We can only hope that Activision resolves these issues as soon as possible in order to provide Playstation 3 users with the same ‘quality’ experience that gamers on other platforms are getting. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comments section below.

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  • Hallucint1ons

    This is outrageous. Die hard fans anticipate a new Call of Duty game every year, they expect to have a quality experience while having fun and while all the recent rumors about the bugs and crashes in this game are true there is not a reason for us gamers to tolerate this any longer. I mean the game hasn’t changed drastically since Mw2 they should have their game together by now instead of still working on to it. Gaming has become a hobby even an art for some and these greedy developers shouldn’t be displaying any lazyness when it comes to satisfying the quality we demand in these games.

  • WEL

    how this version even gone past the testing phase is beyond me? The funny thing is that reviewers are still giving it high scores… Didn’t they encounter any of these issues on their review copy?

    Paid reviews confirmed!

    • Akira2020

      Indeed. Gaming review companies receive screener copies and “Other perks” to constantly receive the same positive reviews from said venues. Never trust the review from Gaming sites or Gaming magazines….always trust the majority of User reviews not affiliated with those companies.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Same-thing happened with Skyrim M8; both are examples of lazy and bugged engines not codded efficiently and left for gamers to tell them what a hell of a mess they’ve got themselves into..shame really :

  • mister

    I am disappointed in the game… I have an original 80 gig, 4usb, backwards compatible, love of my life, ps3 (don’t tell my girl). The game has shut down/restarted my ps3 in every phase of the game (online,offline, multi Playa, zombies, campaign, etc…) This has never happened to me before in my last 4 years of playstation gaming. My system works as good as the day i bought it. This is not a hard drive/hardware issue… This is a Sony/activision/treyarch/greedy, issue… I will not accept “your playstation has a hard drive error” or “your playstation system is…” I will only accep… “we apologize for the error… You are guaranteed what you pay for…”

    • jereme goffard

      Dude, you are so right. Let me ask you this, did you get the same experiences that xbox360 did when it came out? NOOOOOOO, it fellllllllllllll way short. So if that’s the case, why are they saying it’s just as good on ps3 as xbox? n how can they justify anything? They can’t that’s why.

    • Brian

      Why do you include Sony on your list? They have nothing to do with third party games.

  • I have not had any issues whatsoever with this game online or off it has worked fine and has not crashed even once. I’m really not sure where this article is coming from because I have 4 other close friends playing daily and not one has complained about any issue mentioned in this article. Maybe this guy just likes picking on the PS3!

    • jereme goffard

      just shameful that they place, people or bots like u, to “counter act” the articular and make it seem like nothings wrong. If you are real, you should be ashamed of yourself. .

    • abbb44

      No, hes telling the truth. I am a diehard PS3 fan and my PS3 has shut off on me many many times. Its become impossible to play more than 2 rounds in a row without it shutting off on me.

    • Guest

      Hey mate, I am an avid PS3 gamer myself and I wrote this article with no intention of picking on the PS3 at all. I have not played the game myself, I am just simply reporting upon the news that has arisen.

  • Massacred

    Even with the loading/lag issue… best COD since orginal modern warfare… seriously impressed with this once, especially compared to last years atrocious modern warfare 3

  • Jason

    Good! Sony needs to GTFO of the games industry! F-off $ony! And to you Ph0n3y tards that fell for this AGAIN…HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Leeoc91

    I’ve been playing it on PS3 since release, and it works fine for me on all modes… I’ve played single player, zombies, online and even split screen online and zombies with no issues. I have a UK 80GB phat PS3, but with a Samsung 500GB HDD inside. One thing I did wonder though is my copy is rented from lovefilm – this shouldn’t make a difference but you never know…. Also I chose not to install textures to HDD.

    • MJA

      I have uninstall the textures and it has worked ok for me no more freezing but still have lobby issue of not joining games

      • gamer2352

        i have BO2 for PS3 and haven’t been able to connect to the Call of Duty servers since tuesday morning. all of you folks saying “this article is bs, i’ve been playing online no problems” are the lucky few. the servers ARE down for a lot of people.

        • hkhsdkhk

          it depends on where u live

    • hjgjg

      why is the PS3 version so blurry?!

  • dummies fall for this same shit EVERY year and then get on forums to complain about it EVERY year….blame yourself people…not the horse :0

  • John

    Only problem I have encountered is connection problems with multiplayer! But Activison really need to sort their crap out, this happens with EVERY launch, they are fucking pathetic!

  • KillaPigeon

    What amazes me most is that people are surprised by this.

  • Brian

    Do they even bother to do beta testing on the PS3 versions of their games? I bet they don’t. Activision doesn’t give a crap about PS3 gamers, that’s obvious. That’s why I refuse to buy their games.

  • Credibility checker

    Wow Mr. Halliday, wow. I own BO2 for the PS3 and you are just so far off the mark here… I have had some minor issues when playing online, literally none that were major or critical that made playing impossible. I’ve never been unable to play or been hampered more than just to have to wait about 2 additional minutes to get into a party. Saying “the game is a buggy mess that is for the most part broken.” reflects how obvious it is that you either don’t own a PS3 or don’t own BO2 for it because this is 100% not the case even a little bit. There have been some minor problems, sure, but nothing major making it literally unplayable. I redeemed my nuketown map easily without hassle. I’ve also been able to play just fine every time I’ve gotten on. Additionally there is single player if, you know, you wanted to play the game you bought…

  • LikeSenpai

    TBH on Xbox it’s fine, except pretty poor matchmaking, and a totally sub par Multiplayer in general. Most people who say it’s fine are either lucky or totally blind.

    My dad (on PS3) is yet to have problems, but he hasn’t played it much.

    I still find that CoD4 is still the best of these Modern Fail of Dutys.

  • OPsaint2good

    This is game is a total mess. They supposedly hot-fixed the game and now that is even causing more problems. I have had a total of 10 hard freezes on my slim PS3, which corrupted my save data. I have been dropped from the servers at least 20 times, ghost town lobbies, inability to balance teams even though the lobby is full, inability to join friends or have them join me, ghosts of friends who are no longer online, analyzing 0 out of 25 good matches (which can last up to 30 minutes), and a slew of other problems.

    Stay away from this game until they fix this crap.

    • rangerguy84

      couldnt agree more, do what im doing, start a petition and sue

  • rangerguy84

    the game has caused my ps3 to crash so many times that it no longer even turns on, just a blank screen, ill be sueing activision

  • rebel

    What a load of B****cks. I’ve had the game since day one on PS3 and I’ve been able to connect to MP every night. This is a half arsed story that has been reported in a sensationailst way.

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I was able to redeem the Nuketown code the day I got the game without any hassle. I played through the campaign and only encountered one glitch and one instance where the framerate dropped, none of which really impeded my progress. Zombies mode worked fine for me. Multiplayer, although I haven’t played much if it, worked decently for me as well, and only 2 matches out of the 10 or so I played were significantly laggy (even then, I was downloading a huge file on my PC while playing).

    In other words, I have no clue what any of you guys are talking about. Did we play the same game?

  • endersclarity

    I have an original, fat 40gb ps3. I was able to play this game for about 3 hours before my ps3 completely shutdown and left me with a blinking red light. My playstation will no longer turn on at all anymore. Just a blinking red light. I thought maybe it was just its time to die considering I’ve had it so long and it has never had an issue before. Buuuut then I tried playing it on my roommate’s ps3 (same model) and after about 30 minutes his ps3 shut off with a blinking red light. And will not turn back on. So both of our playstations have effectively broken within hours of having Black Ops 2 in the disc drive. Coincidence? I strongly doubt it. If anyone has had the same problems please let me know. This REALLY happened, I’m not exaggerating. Black Ops 2 appears to break CECHH01 model ps3s.

  • R

    COD is a piece of crap no matter what console you play it!

  • ModernClassWarfare

    The problems are always with the PS3 versions of Treyarch CoD’s… Every time. IW has had no such issues with MW1,2 or 3… different (read: universal) issues but not these. Treyarch is the inferior developer, PS3 is the inferior console.

  • gamemaker

    ps3 sucks that why the game want play all you people are dorks that know nothing about making a game, but you all think you know everything about it funny every other gaming console works fine but its always the ps3’s hate on me all you want as you play in your bed room but i make games for a living and would not own a ps3 good bye

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