Pai Chan’s bikini closes out the Dead or Alive 5 swimsuit collection

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Everyone knew it was coming and today here it is. Tecmo Koei has revealed the swimsuit that Pai Chan (clickable for high-res) will be wearing if gamers choose to purchase the Collector’s Edition version of Dead or Alive 5. If you didn’t already know, Dead or Alive 5’s collector’s edition will contain a number of physical bonuses, as well as a code that will unlock special swimsuits for all of the female cast, including the guest characters Sarah and Pai Chan and the newly announced Mila.

With this reveal it seems like this will be the last bikini added into the game, unless of course Tecmo Koei has kept a few other characters under wraps for this long. Those who wish to see most of the other Collector’s Edition swimsuits will find them here while Helena’s can be found here.

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